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Nishiwaki and Taka are the largest producing districts of cotton yarn deyed fabric in Japan.
It is a town surrounded by mountains and rivers who’s water is pumped and used for dyeing yarn.
Kageyama puts its headquarters in Nishiwaki City and produces cutting-edge trends with technology cultivated over many years as a Banshu-ori trading company.
Of course not only plain fabrics, but also dobby and jacquard, things of delicate fine counts and rugged thick textiles etc. We make textiles suitable for every use.
In addition to this, we also deal in other production areas such as print fabrics, piece-dyed fabrics and specialty fabrics. VIEW OUR PRODUCTS on Instagram

Overseas Production

We make textile overseas utilizing the technology and expertise cultivated in the Banshu- ori. Especially in China, we produce with double width (140-150 cm width), so there is a huge saving in terms of cost. Inspections are conducted to make sure production is up to Japanese standards.

Stock service

We have expanded our own original products that you can purchase even from one bolt. We offer a wide range of products such as men's and women's shirts, bottoms, thick textile that can be used for bag or shoes, highly functional textile. We have about 2000 different patterns in stock.

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